Tips to make hair grow much faster
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Tips to make hair grow much faster

Several tricks and homemade recipes for a faster hair growth that will help you get a well nourished, healthy and shiny hair.

Tips to make hair grow much faster

It is posible to make our hair grow fast if we have healthy hair, nourished from the root. Numerous effective commercial products use the same basic ingredients that can be obtained out of the making of old homemade remedies to make the hair grow.

Here a list with homemade recipes and tricks to make the hair grow faster. Choose your favourite.

Olive oil. Apply olive oil over hair every week about thirty minutes and then wash it as usual with tepid water.

Aloe vera and honey to make hair grow fast. Mix the flesh of several loaves of aloe vera with honey and apply it over the sculp. Wait 20 minutes and wash it as usual.

"With these tricks you can look further and shiny healthy hair."

Onion for healthy hair. Chop an onion and add it to the shampoo. Let it stand for fifteen days and use the shampoo as usual. Not only does it make the hair growth faster but it also makes the hair look amazingly shining.

Aloe vera and onion. Prepare a shampoo with little pieces of aloe vera and onion to wash the hair 2 or 3 times a week. To make it more effective use a rosemary or avocado pear conditioner to hidrate the hair.

Energy breakfast.  A spoonful of  soya lecithin, a spoonful of wheatgerm, a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of brewer’s yeast and a yoghurt. Mix all the ingredients with the yoghurt and add this homemade recipe to the every day breakfast. After a week you will see how the hair grows very fast and with strength.

"A well nourished hair can grow up to 2.5 cm per month."

Potatoes’ water. Keep the water used to boil potatoes and use it that same day to wash your hair after you shampooed it.

Contraceptive pills to make your hair grow fast. Buy a packet of contraceptive pills of any brand or type. Take 10 to 15 pills and put them in a plastic bag and crush them carefully until they become powder. Add the powder to the shampoo bottle used normally, mix it well and let it stand at least one day. Then use the shampoo as usual.

Rosemary oil. Put one-half cup of olive oil and two spoonfuls of dry rosemary in a container. Heat it up in the microwave for 2 minutes. Let it stand two or three days, strain it and keep it close. Use it to make massages over the sculp after the shampoo.

Tomatoe, olive oil and aloe vera for abundant hair. Another remedy to make the hair grow uses a tomatoe blended with a drop of olive oil, it is applied hot over the hole root of the sculp and it is led stand as much as possible. This mixture can be enhanced by adding aloe vera.

The moon to make the hair grow faste. Have your ends slightly trimmed every month on first quarter day. The cut will give strength to the hair and the moon effects over all the bodies will enhance the growth the next month.

Hair nourishment. One egg, a drop of olive oil, two spoonfuls of honey. Apply it over the sculp while you massage it firmly.

Avoid hot water. Wash the hair with tepid or cold water, not hot water.

Another Onion homemade recipe for the hair. Chop  half red onion, four cloves of garlic and two teaspoons of cinnamon. Boil everything in a pot about fifteen minutes and wash the hair with this infusion during four days without interrumptions.

Prickly pear or aloe vera to nourish the hair deeply. Cut several loaves of prikly pear or aloe vera in pieces and leave them in water the whole night to get the segregation. Use what was obtained to wash the hair, leaving it as much time as possible.

Hair creams. Apply a moisturizing cream or gel to give form to the hair instead of oils because they activate with the heat and break the hair when you are exposed to the sun.

Another homemade remedy with olive oil for hair growth. Have a teaspoon of olive oil with a glass of milk (to avoid the flavour of oil).

Grape seed oil. Rub the sculp with grape seed oil. Let it stand some minutes and wash. It is ideal to apply as a complement of another trick.

Rosemary water. Wash your hair every day with rosemary water and your hair will grow fast.

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Recent comments written about Tips to make hair grow much faster
Nimra, Enviado el 12/11/2012
Hi i will tell u a secret to have long hairs n that is : 1st take Aloe vera n cut the side thorns of it then make small pieces of it and add this in coconut oil and heat that oil till the aloe vera becomes brown color and make sure to take a little amount of oil so that u can apply the fresh oil after...... Show full comment
Let me helpp you, Enviado el 20/07/2012
It also helps if you stop using shampoo really often or use less harsh ones and always use conditioner. i use haircream from soft n free in a big bottle, pure castor oil and jojoba oil wich is kind of waxy.. a year ago i my hair was cut off.. and it only reached my ears.. now (a year later) it is brastrip...... Show full comment
SoSo, Enviado el 21/06/2012
What if you couldn't afford those things? Yeah, I can do the "aoid hot water" one. But I was wondering what foods would make your hair grow. Is there any other way how?
Kena, Enviado el 13/06/2011
What i do to make my hair longer and shiny, healthy, is blend(in blender)fresh rosemary and aloe Vera(flesh)plus a bit of water. add it to your shampoo, it should be 1/2 shampoo and 1/2 of the mixture. it can be used every day:)
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Tips to make hair grow much faster